Lori Baynham

lori-lgLori Baynham is the owner and manager of Baynham Advertising. She has been advertising exclusively for furniture stores since 1992 and has a true passion for this business. Lori is a Louisiana State University Marketing graduate, although her best qualification for this business is from spending countless hours in the stores of furniture retailers and observing the behavior of owners, managers, sales staff and customers. It is not uncommon for Baynham Advertising to take on a new client in a market only to watch it soar to #1 furniture retailer in the area. This is achieved through a consistent, exciting and aggressive promotion and advertising strategy.

Because Baynham Advertising only accepts one client per market, there is never an issue of a competitor having access to the top gun information and campaign you’ll have in your arsenal of business weapons. It is imperative to the team at Baynham that your store will grow to a new level of success and brand awareness.