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Advertising, Marketing, & Consulting
Exclusively for Furniture Stores
Baynham Advertising has ONE objective:  more traffic and higher sales for your furniture store!

Our job is advertising, so your job can be running your furniture store!

We maximize your reach to 
new and old customers through:

Print & Direct Mail
Internet & Social Media
About Us

Baynham will WOW your market through high impact yet tasteful advertising campaigns to impress and motivate customers. Baynham is a professional advertising, merchandising, and consulting organization dedicated to furniture retailers. We evaluate your current strategy then develop a new and exciting plan to make it more aggressive, fun and most importantly,  successful . It all starts with an overview of the advertising and general operation of your business, and culminates in a way to get more customers through your door. After all, that's the goal of every retailer. 

The task at Baynham is to devise and implement a plan, including producing commercials for TV, radio and internet, plus news print, billboards and direct mail. Not all stores utilize all methods, and our job is to decide which ones fit your store best.

We develop a concept and video design, including a catchy slogan or tagline for your repeated use in advertising so customers begin to identify you as a brand. Baynham Advertising coordinates and executes all aspects of your marketing and advertising. 

Our Team

Lori Baynham
Haley Baynham
VP of Marketing and Business
Sarah Hammond
Graphic Designer and TV Production
Rich Joyce
Voice Talent